Patient Rights

As a patient, i have the right:

  1. To access of health care services,
  2. To be informed and request for information,
  3. To change physicians and/or staff,
  4. Confidentiality and privacy,
  5. Consent,
  6. To receive a healthcare in a safe environment,
  7. Fulfillment of religious obligations,
  8. To have respect and feel comfortable,
  9. To have companion and visitors,
  10. To complain and sue

Patient Responsibilities

  • To follow hospital rules and regulations regarding patient care and conduct,
  • Providing accurate and complete information including present complaints, complete details about past and present illnesses, hospitalizations, surgical procedures, and medications.
  • To be controlled by the physcian on determined times and giving feedback about the treatment.
  • To inform the related personnel about change an appointment date and time.

  • Being considerate of the rights of other patients and hospital personnel.

  • Contact the patient rights unit when you think your rights have been violated.